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GPA 1000 - Version 2013

GPA 1000 - Version 2013
GPA 1000 - Version 2013
Product Code : 29
Brand Name : GPA 1000
Product Description
Through transformation in micro electronic the newly developed GPA 1000 electronic unit is embedded in a compressed quality box, which can be carried with an arm bed support.

Maximum search performance: approx. 15 Meters.

The GPA 1000 is a professionally built ground scanner, which is developed and produced in our company KTS-Elektronik in Germany. With a maximum search performance of 15 meters the GPA 1000 outnumbers by far other gold and metal detectors with their obsolete technology and their limited search performance.


The GPA 1000 with its outstanding search performance, high power sensors, microprocessor-controlled geomagnetic field balance and detailed analysis software stands for a search system, which is state-of-the-art.

Through precise measurements the advanced Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA) system will detect


    hidden objects, such as gold and precious metals, coins and items of historical value,
    size and shape of the objects
    2D and 3D presentation on display,
    wireless data transfer on PC through Bluetooth®

Via 5-color-high-resolution graphic metals and cavities are identified on the screen.

Metal discrimination: The provided GOLD SCAN will identify and discriminate the metals.

A perfect tool for the search after hidden treasures such as gold and precious metals, coins and items of historical value!



The Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000) is effortless to carry and easy to operate.

With its high search performance and the special 3D-system with 5 basic colors the new Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000) is an indispensable high-tech device for all treasure hunters.



Hidden objects (and non-metal items) as well as hollow spaces have an influence on the ground balance.

The Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA) technology measures these changes precisely and show them with software support (developed by KTS-Electronic) in 3D-presentation on the monitor. The metals will appear in various colors.

The compact electronic unit in a high quality aluminum box and integrated digital display delivers details about status of accumulatoras well as informations of compensation


Without the necessity for settings the calibration is carried out by a microprocessor and will be performed automatically on every soil.

Adequate function is guaranteed by a built-in 2800 mAh lithium-ion accumulator which allows approx. 6-12 hours of operation. The provided quick charger can be fully recharged within 2-3 hours. For the connection to the lighter an external car recharger cable and a 110 Volt adapter are included.